Writing: A talent or a skill?


Some people say writers are born not made. I beg to disagree. For me, if you have a passion for writing you can be a writer, too. Having said that, I don’t deny the fact that talent can make a difference. What I’m just trying to point out is if you are really into writing, you can also become a writer. All you need is self-discipline and a commitment to write and write until you have improved your craft.

Thanks to the Internet, it is a lot easier to write now than decades ago. If you have no idea on what to write about, all you need to do is browse through what other writers are writing and learn from their works. Yes, reading is one of the secret ingredients of good writing. If somebody has told you that you do not need to read  to become a good writer Do Not Believe them. Reading broadens your mind. It gives you ideas on what to write about. It can be a source of inspiration.  Good writers are good readers, too.

For starters, try to write about things very close to your heart. What are the things you feel so passionate about? What emotions does it arouse in you when you think about that thing? What do you want your readers to feel when they read about it? If you are the type of person who finds it hard to connect your ideas, begin with phrases about the topic you have chosen. Do not try to censor your thoughts – that can wait for later. Just write whatever pops up in your head. You can just organize them later. When you are done you can start grouping the words or phrases you have written and create your sentences. You can wait until you have put all your ideas into sentences before you arrange them to form coherent paragraphs. Then, revise your work. You may want a friend or a family member to look  at what you have written and see whether you are able to get your message across. Listen to the comments carefully. If they are too critical, do not get mad. Pay attention to those feedbacks that can help you improve your writing and discard those that only dampens your spirit.

As cliche as it may sound, practice makes everything perfect. So do not stop writing. Practice! It is the only pathway to realizing your dream of becoming a writer.



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