Why Romance?

If you’re thinking about making a career out of writing, I recommend you write about romance. Why romance?  The reason is simple. There’s money in it. If you’ve noticed, most novels being published talk about romance. There’s a huge number of publishers that concentrate more on romance than any other genre because it sells.

Now, enough of the money stuff. You may ask, what is in store for me in writing romance aside from the fact that it has the most likelihood of being sold? Like most writers, you probably also dream of making it big – of getting to a point when you’ll be a household name. While you can get it in any other genre if you’re good and luck is on your side, it’s easier to achieve it in writing romantic novels. Now, before you react, allow me to explain my reasons. Many readers out there are women. Though men also read, given that most societies still expect them to be  the sole provider of the family, many of them don’t have the time to read long novels anymore. However, with women it’s a different story. We have a lot of full-time housewives who have the time in the world to read. And what do they usually pick up at book stores? Yes, romantic novels. I’m not saying that the market for romance novels are only housewives because there are also career women out there whose stress reliever is reading romantic novels. What I’m trying to point out here is there’s already a sure market for this kind of reading material. Therefore, you only need to know what ticks women – what kind of love story appeals to them.

You might be saying, I don’t like to write about romance because literary enthusiasts usually scorned it and I don’t want to be known as that writer who writes trash. Yes, you may have a point here – indeed many people think that the romance genre is for people who are shallow and not intelligent. I remember back in college, I had a professor who looked down at people who read romance. Though she recommends reading, she said, if we’re only going to read romantic novels then we better not read at all. But this is also the reason why you need to write about romance – for people who scorned it! The major reason why a lot of the so-called intelligent readers are looking down at romance is because of the unrealistic plot. I can actually identify the common theme in many of these stories. A handsome, rich man meets a poor, simple, and plain woman and they fall in love big time. Or, there’s a bad guy – a gangster who’s also filthy rich and good-looking at the same time who falls in love with a good girl who looks plain and knows nothing about his world. In short, many of the plots tell readers that only a handsome, rich man is worth to be the story’s hero or only bad-boy-good-girl story is worth writing. Here’s what you can do. You can help change this notion. You can focus on the important message you want to impart to your readers, especially the young women. Though I also use this theme (rich boy, poor girl), I make it a point to have a specific message which I want to tell my readers. In my most popular story on Wattpad, Perfect Stranger, I gave it a little twist. I created two characters, the heroine’s twin sons, to provide humor and emotion and at the same time to tell my single-mother readers that there’s hope in life. In addition, the story does not emphasize how rich the guy is, although he is in the story.  In my other novel, The Jilted Bride, which also amassed more than a million reads, my hero and heroine are just ordinary individuals – not rich nor extraordinarily different from your normal person. My main point in this novel is to tell readers that having forgiveness as a main theme is as exciting as vengeance (which is one of the most common themes in novels, not just in romance). Based on readers feedback, I could say that I was able to impart to readers what I want to tell them in these stories.

And lastly, though it’s good listening to others, be more sensitive to what you truly feel. Afterall, it’s what you desire that is most important. Because writing is all about satisfaction.A good writer is a satisfied writer.


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