To be with or not to be…



When I was a lot younger, I was never picky about companions. I adjusted my personality based on who I was with. I was just too eager to please everybody back then. Later, I realized that no matter how much you try to please others, you can’t just make everybody happy. There will always be people who, inspite of what you did for them, would still find fault in you or who would talk behind your back. Now, though I still try to be civil to people I don’t like (the rude ones and of course, the narcissistic), I feel less and less compelled to please anyone just to have companions. Being with others you don’t really like for the sake of having people around you proved to be stressful. I have also discovered that being alone does not always mean being lonely, or that having companions does not always guaranty happiness. So don’t be afraid to be true to yourself, folks!


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