When I first came to Wattpad, I was shocked to discover a lot of love stories that revolve around a rapist and his victim.  I thought, since when did rape become an exciting theme for a love story?  For those who are not familiar with Wattpad, this is an online community of writers and readers where those who love to write upload their novels for the whole community to read for free. Anyways, the thing that shocked me the most was that these stories were written not by men but by young girls!  Yes, you’ve read it right! Young girls!  Though I do believe it happens, just like there is Stockholm Syndrome for kidnap victims, do you really need to romanticize rape?

To satisfy my curiosity, I skimmed through the pages of the rape-victim love stories and these were what I found out:  (1) the rapist is extraordinarily good-looking with a body to die for;  (2) the rapist is filthy rich and a member of a dangerous gang who can have any woman he fancies; (3) the victim is oftentimes depicted as a nerdy-looking woman who’s either stupid or weak or both, and; (4) the girl-victim is dirt poor or indebted to somebody dangerous – thus she needs protection from the rapist-lover. Sigh. What message does these kind of stories tell very young readers, especially girls in their pre-teens? That it’s okay to be raped if the rapist looks like a Hollywood star who just stepped out of a fashion magazine?

You might be shocked to know that many of these rapist-victim love stories made it to Wattpad’s hot list, regardless of genre. This simply shows that a lot of readers are ticked by it. And what’s even depressing is the fact that most of these readers are women themselves. But why do I don’t jump on the bandwagon? Simple. Rape is rape. No matter what angle you’re looking at, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a heinous crime.