With the proliferation of social media, writers have more venues now to market their novels. Though this has been useful to those who are tech savvy (especially the millenials), this has become a disadvantage to the older writers who do not have any propensity for an alter ego online. Back in the day, you cannot be a writer if you do not know how to write a decent statement, or if you have problems with semantics and syntax of the language in which you are writing. In other words, only good writing will get you published. Nowadays, good writing is not enough. You need to be marketable. And how do you do this? Get as many followers as you can on social media!

With the popularity of sites like Wattpad where you can publish your stories online for free, getting published has become easier for many. All you need to do is fatten your fan base and make your stories popular and boom! Publishers come to you like flies to feces. 🙂  It doesn’t matter whether your story is publishable or not. What counts more is the marketability of your work. I can’t blame the publishers though. Afterall they have to make money or else they’ll run out of business. Having said that, I just hope that they also hire good editors to polish the works of these “legends” so that they become worth every penny that these gullible followers spend for each book they published.